Tuesday, September 25, 2007

How to Join!

How to Sign Up for Any Swap on this Blog????

I hope that everyone has fun and comes back over and over again for more swapping......

  • So.....here's the scoop!To join any swap:
    Just email me a message at Readernutcase@msn.com put your name, mailing address (guarentee to use for swapping only), email address, and your blog url (if you have one)

  • Then add a line or two about yourself....like is this your first swap, what authors you like,favorite books, or do you have other hobbies, maybe you love to knit, pen pal, or like me do it all....tell me anything you want.
  • Then I will send you an invitation to the blog so you can post here and add your name to the group list of swappers.

  • Then copy and paste the "Wish List" short questions on this blog to your blog, so your partner will learn a little about you...if you don't have a blog you can post them on this blog or I can post a little about you on the swap blog, just let me know in your email. [and be sure to let your partner know if your questions are on your own blog]

  • You will get an email with your partner's email and address around the 12th of the month and the swap begins

  • Mail your partner their book and bookmark and anything else you wish to send them by the end of the month.

  • With your package be sure to theme it to the current theme for example if it were a theme to match the books title: EX: "The Lodge" you might send some country type items, "The Strawberry Shortcake Murder" you might send Strawberry soap, or a candle, or tea, and maybe something red.

  • Or: The theme could be to match your partner's first name with the authors first name. EX: If your partner's name were Debb the author of book might be "Debbie Macomber"
**Every month we will have a different theme.**

Join other swappers and sign up today to join in on the fun!!!!!!

Drop everything your doing and email me now to get started!!!
  1. If you sign up for a swap, please make sure that you will be able to keep your commitment and send a package by the end of the swap month in which you signed up for.
  2. Each month the swaps will be open for sign ups till the 10th.
  3. On the 12th the partners will be assigned and posted on the blog.
  4. You must send your package by the end of that month.
  5. You also need to email your partner to let them know that their package is on the way and post it on the blog.
  6. If you are posting your questions on your own blog please let your partner know.
  7. Once you receive your package you MUST post a picture on the blog and your thank you! This is very important!!!
  8. Every month there will be voting for the best packages and the winner will receive a prize from the hostess. Be sure to cast your votes by posting on the blog or by email.
  9. Each month will have a different theme so be sure to watch the posting on the blog for details.
  10. Each swapper who has their own blog will be linked to their name under the monthly swappers
  11. If you fail to send out your package by the end of the month and do not contact your partner, or the hostess by the 5th of the following month, then an angel will be assigned to send to your assigned partner. If you want to send a package after that date you will need to send your package to the angel who took your place in the swap!
  12. If you fail to send a package in any month you will then have to send a Just in Case "JIC" package to the hostess to hold for you in order to participate in any future swaps. [a book, bookmark, and a goodie]
  13. A "JIC" package will be used in place of any packages that are not sent.
    If you sign up and fail to send a package more than 2 times you will be banned from swapping on this blog.
  14. If you have a problem because of any life circumstance and are unable to send your package you must contact the hostess and your partner to stay in good standing with this swap blog.
  15. The swapping is for fun and to be fair to all our swappers the rules have to be adhered to by all!

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